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June 30, 2013

As I’m sure we’re all now tired of hearing, Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow. In my 11th-hour attempt to organize a replacement reader to keep track of favorite blogs, I’ve noticed that in the hundreds of blogs I follow, quite a few have creaked to a halt – I love a good shake-up, so rather than import my google reader favorites into Feedly (which is exceptionally easy, btw), I’m going to start again from scratch.

Here’s how you can help fill my feed reader back up: what are your favorite sewing or vintage blogs? Drop a link in the comments so we can all check them out and I can add them to my reader. Bonus points for undiscovered gems – doesn’t matter if the blog is not in English as Google Translate does a passable job and I’m fluent in the international language of Pretty Pictures.

If you too are scrambling to find a reader replacement, Bloglovin’ appears to be a popular choice and Feedly is my personal fav.

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It’s probably a good time to summarise all the ways you can keep up with WeSewRetro for those who have been caught unawares….


We’re on Bloglovin here and if you just want a raw feed to import into your reader of choice you can find that here.


You can subscribe to our email mailing list here to get all posts delivered straight to your inbox. Because we post A LOT and nobody needs 15 emails a day from us, subscribers receive one email a week (on a Friday morning) that contains all the posts from that week.


All our posts are pushed out to Twitter so by following us here, you’ll be notified of each one


If you’re on Facebook and haven’t checked out our page, go look – it’s a fun mix of photos and resources from all kinds of sources, not just this blog. Questions are asked and answers are given. Good times are had by all.


I hesitate to mention our pinterest account because you may lose hours of your life picking through the amazingness. In addition to following us, you can sign up to contribute to our community vintage pattern board. If there’s a pinterest maven out there who wants to help out as a volunteer pinner, drop me an email – I could use a helper to manage the board where we pin all our posts as I am woefully behind.

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Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Want a sidebar ad over there –>? Email is your friend. Drop me a line at katherine [at]

  1. Have you seen Diary of a Vintage Girl?
    She lives in London working as a vintage model and gets to go to (and sometimes organizes) all sorts of glamorous vintage events. She doesn’t make any of her clothes, but has a lot of repros from British companies to go with her vintage finds. And very down-to-earth and funny, not full of herself at all.

    For sheer fun, check out All sorts of odd/funny vintage ephemera he’s collected. One of my favorites is The Gobbler, a funky dinner club/motel built in the most over-the-top late ’60s groovy style in the US Midwest. Austin Powers would have been right at home.

    And then there’s the Museum of Kitschy Stitches: Some truly awful old knitting patterns with funny commentary.

  2. Representing the Manchester vintage scene are: (A shameless plug on my part!) A blog featuring handmade vintage-inspired goodies (knitted and sewn), vintage finds, Manchester events and a whole host of other bits and bobs. Manchester’s number 1 place to find all vintage-specific news (and more) in one handy place. A mummy’s perspective on bargain shopping, sewing projects and vintage-inspired maternity wear. If you love gin, fine wine and eating served alongside a healthy dollop of vintage then this is the place for you. For a gentleman’s view on all things vintage head over here. Adele loves nothing more than indulging in 40s/50s-style looks and perfecting vintage hair dos like no other. A blog worth visiting for the name alone…. but also one stuffed with crafty vintage posts that are perfect for reading over a cuppa.

    Hope you like xx

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