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Vintage-y Skirt

June 29, 2013

Hello! I stalk this site every day, so I thought it was only proper for me to stop stalking and start talking! I adore everything vintage and I recently began sewing clothes for me and my two young daughters. For myself, I started with a very simple a-line-ish skirt from a New Look pattern. I’ve made a few of these skirts now and have taken to wearing them instead of shorts because shorts and I aren’t really friends. I made one with a vintage-y yellow cotton.




I seem to be having trouble finding the camera. Is it on the ground? To the right? Behind me?

Found it! I made another with a bright orange polka-dot cotton.


Again, I seem to be having problems finding the camera. This time, though, it could be the fact that it’s so far away from me. Can you even see me?

There it is! For more details about the pattern and alternations, visit my blog

Till next time!













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