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Umbrella Sweetheart Sundress

June 10, 2013


I have another finished project from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing, it’s the sweetheart sundress made up in this adorable umbrella print cotton.  I also did a shirred back, a vintage detail that I am now obsessed with, it gives the bodice such a snug feeling. I also added one of my favorite things Ric Rac, two rows of it at the hem. It’s a navy and white striped Ric Rac, what could be better?


For more details head on over to my blog : ErikaMadeIt



    1. With “flattering” I mean the cut shows how gorgeous and feminine you are, not that it makes you look like you were! (I’m french, sorry if I don’t express myself so good in english…)

    2. Twice the same comment, sorry, one took its time to appear on the screen, I thought it had got lost somewhere between China and the USA, maybe…
      But I tried to improve my english in between…

  1. With “Flattering” I mean that the cut shows how feminine and gorgeous you are, not that it makes you look like you were. Excuse my english, I’m french…

  2. As I was glancing over the photos I shouted out “RICKRACK! YES!”

    …and then remembered I was not alone. Must not bring phone to department meetings anymore…

    (nice work 😉 )

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