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The Striped House Dress

June 17, 2013

Sometimes you power through and sew a dress in a few short hours. That happened today. I’ve had this pattern, simplicity 1427 (1955), for a while now. The illustration is super cute, and it’s got some really neat details like the contrasting lapel pieces that are detachable. Fair warning though, I haven’t yet made any of the fun pieces!

Excuse the frizzy mass that is my hair right now, it’s humid as all get out in the Midwest right now.

I always think it’s kind of comical to see the pattern illustration with the perfect waspy waist, and then see it on my much more generous body. I prefer modern patterns with photos on real bodies (although ideal ones), to a perfectly fitted illustration.

I used a striped linen I had in my stash which was super easy to work with. It went together fairly quick. My pattern matching isn’t perfect, but it’s not horrible. I made a simple fabric tie in lieu of a belt. My local store was out of belting, and this is just one of those dresses that looks weird without one. I made no pattern alternations, and think I will next time If I sew it again. The bodice is like an inch too long, not long enough to try and fix now, but long enough to where it will bug me. I also ironed back the neckline notches into baby labels. The notches just seemed kind of weird. The buttons aren’t perfect, but not bad for maybe one of the five times I’ve actually done buttons. I do really like the way the gored skirt falls; I had to cut off like a foot from the hem though, it was so long! That further cements the idea that petite patterns are my friend. I’m almost five foot eight, so you think it would be the opposite. My short legs and long torso combo is a strange one!

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  1. I just made the exact same dress pattern up! It’s really nothing like the pattern illustration – the waist was HUGE! and yeah, way long (and I’m 5’10”). Cute summer dress though – I love yours!

    1. Thank you! I agree on the waist! I’n kind of thick waist-ed and I could have afforded to take so room out. I think I’ve read that half size patterns are more generous with ease though. Do you have a link for your dress? I’d love to see it!

  2. Beautiful dress and it looks great on you. The blue stripes can be worn all year, not too summery.
    I can relate to the midwest humidity hair – it’s my usual summer look.

  3. I love your post. I prefer to see how beautiful clothes fit on real bodies too. Those illustrations are hysterical. Even the most fit women I know don’t have that shape.

    Your dress is so pretty and I adore the colors and really appreciate that you chose a linen fabric. Ideal for summer. Your specs are very cool too.

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