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Hi, I’m very happy to show you my new sundress that I designed myself with the help from and old (I think) 1960’s book by Enid Gilchrist – Basic Fashions for Women. It’s a book that you draft your own patterns from her designs. I used the square neck bodice pattern for my inspiration and admit to changing it slightly mostly by making the shoulders a bit narrower. The skirt part I originally planned as having pleats in but after faffing about for ages trying to get them to look good and then sewing the skirt to the bodice changed my mind and undid it all to instead put gathers just under the darts on the bodice.
The fabric was bought on a whim whilst on a weekend away. I saw a sewing shop and ‘had’ to go in 😉 I fell in love with this fabric that reminds me so much of a ‘Cath Kidston’ design (I love her fabrics) and bought 1 1/2 metres – enough to make a skirt I thought at the time. Well, you know how it is…. I got home and decided this would make a lovely dress. But with only such a small amount of fabric it wasn’t going to be easy. So, the dress is completely lined in white cotton – I admit to the skirt part being lined in old bedding but it works and who is going to see it?
The skirt when stitched to the bodice the first time was absolutely just the right length for where I wanted it. I like to keep my knees covered as they are not beautiful ones! I had some gorgeous pink grosgrain ribbon in my stash that I had bought off ebay because it was a good price and had a brain wave moment of attaching a waistband and using this ribbon to decorate it. I’m really happy with the result. This also added just a touch to the length of my skirt part. However, for the hem I turned up just a tiny ammount to the right side and added more of my ribbon as decoration but also meaning I didn’t have my dress too short.
For the lining hem I chose to use a stitch I’d seen in an old Butterick book I’d seen of my Mum’s recently. It’s a scallop stitch that I handstitched along the bottom edge. It was really easy but gives a pretty edge should anyone see it as I swish about!
I hope you like my dress as much as I do?

  1. Wow. Your ingenuity and creativity with limited fabric are impressive. I’ve also seen that scallop stitch in old sewing books and now I want to try it!

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