Little Black Concert Dress

As a longtime musician I’m always looking to add to my black “concert dress” collection, but this is the first time I’ve actually made myself something in good old concert black! I used the very basic Retro Butterick 5748, which is a lovely simple bodice and circle skirt. I just made a couple small adjustments (changed zipper location, added pockets) and it went together very easily. I’m pleased with the result, would love to make this one again with a great print!

The hat is another lucky local vintage find!

More details and pics on my blog here. 🙂


• Meet the Author • Stephanie

I'm a self-taught, retro-loving Francophile from Austin married to the Frenchman of my dreams, and blessed to get to basically stay home and sew all day. Although I grew up around it, I didn't learn to sew until I was in my mid must be in the blood, though, because I got hooked pretty quickly. I started out mostly making aprons I designed myself and selling them in my Etsy shop, but now I'm kind of obsessed with making dresses. I have a special love for anything from the 40s, 50s, and early 60s, and I also love Regency and Victorian inspired looks. I've started to get over my fear of using patterns, and since I enjoy seeing other people's projects here so much, thought I'd jump on in and share mine too.

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  • Love the neckline on this- that little notch really makes the dress. 🙂

  • The neckline really makes it! Gorgeous!

  • Beautiful dress! I love the retro-modern vibe!

  • Yaaay concert black! What a fabulous dress. I may have to follow your lead and make my own concert black since I can’t find anything that fits the bill.

  • Perfection!


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