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Dress I have messed up)))

June 18, 2013

Hey ya’ll))))

Here’s my sad-funny story about a dress. This one was made this February. Some years ago Mom gave me a huge ammount of old fabric. My guess is it was made in USSR, because it smells mad feels exactly like red pioneer scarf I used to wear at school (yep, I’m old enough to have been a part of Soviet pioneer organization – something like boy/girl -scouts. I guess I got in last couple of bunches of pioneers because 2 years after that organization stopped existing). Anyways, she gave it to me ’cause she didn’t know where to use it and it only looked good enough for curtains or something on that kind.

When I fell in love with vintage I immediately saw this fabric turning into a dress in my mind. So, again, I have dratfted the pattern based on a Soviet sewing book published in mid 5o’s.

The funny/sad part happened at the photoshoot. I have spilled wine on my dress and when I washed it all the colours got messed up. I surely loved the dress, but didn’t get too upset. I thought I would make a couple of new ones instead))).


  1. I like your print fabric, it’s really pretty – but the dress fits so well, if you can’t get the wine stain out, it would be worth useing a dark dye (maroon, with your skin color?) and rescuing it that way!

  2. Oh no! I love your dress and photoshoot. I hate what happened to your beautiful dress. Maybe it can still be saved?

  3. That’s an absolutely darling dress! Awful to think it might end up The World’s Cutest Muslin. If there’s no other way to save it, I’d definitely try dyeing a leftover scrap and see how well the fabric takes the color.

  4. You all are being tooooo kind)))Actually the wine stain is gone… with the colour)))) So, I guess nothing is gonna help))). I was thinking about making another one like this in similar stye fabric. But I enjoyed the dress anyways))))

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