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1940’s Dress

June 24, 2013

So I made my second 40’s dress. I am beginning to really understand the old patterns and sometimes think they are actually easier then the modern ones and am getting better each time. I really love this one with all of the buttons and neck line. Although the pictures do not show this so well, it really does nip in at the waist like the pattern picture, very feminine. ¬†With researching rations and coupons of the wartime, buttons were used rather more then metal zippers. Fits really comfortably and I love the material. Perfect for this hot weather.

Another one showing the dress with my new 40’s replica shoes, love them and sooo comfortable. I am so not good at having my picture taken, usual reason you see my items on a mannequin.

  1. Beautiful chic with your hair, buttons and shoes all in high contrast to the lime green fabric. Swishy – as my grandmother used to say!

  2. Great dress! I have had this pattern on my table since last summer and just haven’t gotten to it yet. Now I think I must! I keep getting put off from measuring it to find the ease bc of the princess seams. I’ll just suck it up and do it. That color green is amazing too!

    1. This is only my second dress and it was a very easy pattern to follow, I changed nothing, just did as it said. If you have sewn more than me, your be fine. I love that green too. Thanks.


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