Vintage Fridor Stitchmaster “Merino” Sewing Machine.

I fell in love with this machine, as soon as I saw it on ebay. The clean lines, the “atomic style” shape, unlike any other machine I’d seen before. Designed in Switzerland, and made in Holland, circa 1950s.


 For under $100 (including interstate postage), I think I got a bargain!

The machine arrived in its own little suitcase, decked out with leather straps inside to hold the pedal, the extension table and a cute little green bakelite box of attachments.

The Fridor Stitchmaster Merino

I spent a day cleaning her (the suitcase was full of rat droppings)…….

The machine case, sans rat poop


…..and now I own a seriously good – looking machine – even the foot pedal is attractive!



Even the foot pedal is attractive....


For a simple, straight-stitching machine, it has quite an array of extra feet, and dropping the feed-dogs is as simple as flicking a lever.




More photos on the patternpatter blog here (because I have yet to start my own!).

Bakelite light switch and Feed Dog Lever

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  • Awesome! I love vintage machines; I have 2 Elna, so those Swiss machines just hum like clockwork. Have fun sewing on your new beauty!

  • And the winner of Most Stylish Foot Pedal is…

  • I love the style of vintage machines. Looks like it could make milk shakes too!!!

  • What a great machine! I recently found a vintage Wizard brand machine and I love it! They just don’t make modern machines as pretty as the old ones!

  • I need a foot pedal for my Fridor 500 deluxe, anyone know where to get one? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • I have just purchased a Fridor Stichmaster Sewing Machine, any tips or instructions would be helpful.

  • sorry my email address is


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