It’s been a long time, well ive actually made something wearable but unfortunately its not for me its for my boyf as a valentines prezzie awww. <3
I used kwik sew 3506 i cut a medium it was massive i took in a couple of inches. the most annoying bit was the facings-i get mixed up with them alot left right front back confusion. as it was valentines and i wanted to put my stamp on it, i tried to stitch I <3 U on the inner pocket flap.
does anyone know of a good book to help the drafting of muslins, converting measurements to drafted clothing? and not hating the fabrics i have thats a big problem for me. but i feel newly inspired by all the gorgeous pieces that you ladies are creating :)

hope to see you all soon

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  • What an awesome shirt!! I’m sorry I can’t advise you on a good muslin pattern tutorial–there are so many books out there. My personal new favorite references are books I got for $1 from estate sales: A Simplicity sewing manual from 1937, and The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot, Greystone Press, 1943-1949. My best resource for fabrics so far has been local estate/garage sales; it does require some persistence and preparation searching newspaper ads and online estate sale listings. Have fun looking, in the meantime!

  • That turned out so good. Your mister is a lucky guy.

  • Great job on the shirt! What a fun little detail under the flap =)

    I’ve read a lot about Winifred Aldrich’s books “Metric Pattern Cutting for… “. I bought the one for Menswear a while ago, and am planning on using it to make a shirtpattern for the mr. From what I’ve read and seen, it’s a good resource for drafting menswear from measurments! It can be found on most online bookstores, including Amazon.

  • I have been looking for the perfect cowboy shirt pattern to make for my husband and I think this is it! I looked up the pattern and am a little confused on the sizing. What measurements are the shirt you made in this picture?



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