Brigitte Dress

This is the story of the Brigitte Dress:


 Starting after almost a year with this sewing project was quite difficult. Firstly, because I lost my traced and graded patterns due to the fire we had last summer. I still have the original pattern, but it is size 3jp, which is very very small! I didn’t feel like starting all over again, because I made quite some changes to the original pattern and that took a lot of time.

Things didn’t get easier when I realised I missed a gingham skirt piece I already had cut out, before we had the fire.

When we moved back to our house and started unpacking the boxes, I collected my sewing material and kept an eye out for the cutted pieces and the muslin of the Brigitte Dress. When we went through all of our boxes, I still hadn’t found the missing skirt piece. 

I did find the cleaned gingham fabric, but I didn’t have enough to cut a new skirt. Luckily, I also found the muslin of the bodice. But if I wanted to finish this dress I had to find the missing piece.

 It was at the end of october that I found the missing piece. We went to a flea market to sell some things. I found the skirt piece in one of the boxes we took with us. I really don’t know how it got there, and how I could miss it when I fill the boxes with things to sell?!? 

 So, in october I could start sewing this dress, but I didn’t know how to start. I couldn’t remember how far I had progressed and I thought I had to start all over again because I missed the traced/graded patterns. Until last week. I finally had enough courage to take a look at the muslin and try it on. It wasn’t that bad at all! It gave me motivation to finally finish the dress. 


I really like this classic 60s model, a fitted body and a wide skirt. I wear it with my petticoat to give it extra volume. My main inspiration was Brigitte Bardots gingham dress as the name suggests. I fell in love with the combination of gingham and lace.

When I took pictures I was a bit whimsical(?). Can you see what I changed during the photoshoot?

I hope you like it! :)

• Meet the Author • Anthea I love sewing and knitting, using vintage patterns, drafting my own vintage inspired patterns or using modern patterns.

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  • I am so glad you were able to finish your sweet dress despite the many obstacles that you faced. Enjoy wearing this one you deserve it.

    • Thank you! I’m so happy I was able to finish it after all!

  • Your dress is so pretty and you look lovely in it. I’m not an admirer of Brigitte Bardot’s pro-Nazi and racist politics though.

  • I love the gingham and lace on your dress – super pretty!! Nice touch with the matching hair band too :)


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