One of few not in black

Love not being in black

Invited for the chairman of the board’s dinner.  Had about 3 weeks to find a dress.  Decided to go retro.  Loved my dress.  Almost everyone else was wearing formal black but I loved my print and the dress.  Amazing to dance in.

• Meet the Author • Hsquared

I have always loved retro fashions from the 40's to the 60's. My body is a great 50's model. I am excited to have someplace to post my pics and ideas. Thanks.

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  • It looks good!

  • I have a very similar (possibly identical) fabric at home that I bought with the intention of making a maxi dress, but then I got intimidated by the pattern and backed out. Your version looks stunning. I have a renewed purpose for my fabric. Thanks!

  • What a cool print.

  • It drapes beautifullly! What pattern is it? It looks familiar.

  • You look good! Way to embrace your style and not be afraid to be different!


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