My Little Mannequin

While waiting for the sun to come out so I can take pictures of my newest dresses, I made this little mannequin to showcase the wee ones. I have a few dressmakers dummies and three complete department store mannequins, but had none that were child-sized. Now I do!

• Meet the Author • Lisasews

I live in a small farmhouse in Maine with a bunch of goats, chickens and kids. I love to sew and scour auctions for vintage sewing supplies.

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7 comments… add one

  • … that’s a super creepy looking face. Where did it come from? It’s only in making this comment that I realized that I apparently prefer faceless mannequins — which are probably equally creepy to someone else.

    • Well aren’t you the little blue bird of happiness with your bad manners. What on earth makes you feel it was acceptable for you to insult Lisa’s project? Shame on you.

      • It’s fine! It’s not an original design or anything. My inspiration for the image was Dolly Dingle. I think the 1940’s style Kewpie/Campbell Kids are adorable, but I’m sure not everyone does-and that’s okay. (though thanks Judith for having my back :o) –You’re sweet!)

      • net nanny or concern troll… whatever. People have a right to post their opinion. That is the risk you take when posting stuff on the internet. Save the poutrage.

        • That’s what I get for commenting before coffee.

          Sorry for the offense — I have no idea what I hoped to achieve by my comment other than explaining my freak-out by it. … I would have said this in person as well, not just the internet, but in person it’s easier to tell if a person is comfortable with such things. That was my poor judgement — assuming that the owner would be comfortable with that comment. (My friends and I spend a great deal of time calling each other f-ing hipsters for our various likes and dislikes, which is also offensive to some people. I forget that not everyone’s an asshole to people just as a matter of course.)

          I’m sure the workmanship is phenomenal — not having ever made a dress form, I can’t even imagine the work that went into it. So, I guess I’m trying to say that I’m sorry if I offended you in some way by my hasty comment.

          Also, sorry for starting the mini-flame war on netiquette!

  • What a fun find!

  • I disagree. I think it’s super sweet! If you’d consider making one for me let me know. She’s adorable.


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