40s dress and a blouse

I know, spring is on the way, but this dress took a while longer to make… So, here’s the last wool sewing for this season:

It’s sort of 40s style, drafted from my sloper. Originally I thought of it as a late 40s style, but the puffy sleeves brings late 30s, early 40s to mind. Or the 70s! Maybe it’s just a multi-decade dress =)

Detail of the cuffs with shirtsleeve-placket (first time using that technique).

Handpicked lapped zipper.


Ages ago I finished this 50s style blouse as well, it’s in a lovely rayon with a quite heavy drape (leftover fabric from an earlier incarnation of the dress above). I drafted the pattern maybe two years ago, and now have four blouses in my closet based on it. What can I say, when I find a style I like… This pattern is fast to sew and the style very easy to wear, a good combination in my book =)

I’m planning on making a matching belt to the blouse, wouldn’t the green dress and the red blouse + belt be a nice match?

For more pictures and a little tip for getting crisp and clean edges with as little bulk as possible, visit my blog.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Erika

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  • Wow, the dress is stunning, what a perfect pattern and fit!

  • Wonderful post, Beautiful items and great tips, thank you so much for sharing….

  • This dress looks fabulous! To me it looks more late 40s just because of how much skirt there is. And the blouse is so cute! 🙂

  • Wow! That dress is really lovely! The blouse too. I love your blog!

  • They’re both beautiful. Great colors and craftsmanship!

  • I’m blown away!

  • Wow!! Gret job, it looks lovely on you!!
    I love the 50s bllouse too, the fabric looks sooooo nice to wear!!!



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