1960s Culotte Suit With Vintage Curtains

I caught the sewing bug four years ago and never looked back. Entirely self-taught I regularly trawl charity shops, flea markets, car boot sales and jumbles for vintage 1960s and 1970s patterns, notions, fabrics and thread. To this day I’ve yet to buy anything new.

This culotte suit suit was made following a 1960s Le-Roy pattern sent to me by a blogging friend and the groovy sunflower screen-print curtains by Francis Price were found in a neighbour’s loft. I couldn’t decide which buttons from my stash to use so I had a go at covering my own.

I was surprised how simple this pattern was to make. It took a few hours sewing over a quiet weekend and I’m seriously tempted to knock up a couple more if I can find suitably bright and funky curtains.

• Meet the Author • Vintage Vix

I'm Vix, a jumble sale-ing, car-booting, skip-diving, charity shopping, hedonistic hippy chick in love with life, India and vintage clothes. In my world getting dressed is always an adventure, never a chore. My style is Woodstock refugee meets Rolling Stones groupie with a bit of vintage Bollywood thrown in. I don't follow fashion and if I look ridiculous so what? Not being noticed and blending in with the crowd is my idea of hell. A day without dressing up is a day wasted.

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  • I found and started following your blog a couple months ago, and I am so glad to see you on wesewretro.com! I love your free spirited style. This culotte suit is so summery and bright! I look forward to seeing more of the things you sew here!

    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! You’ve got some amazing vintage patterns in your wonderful Etsy shop! x

  • Vix! SO EXCITED to see that you made it! I know the members here will enjoy your glamorous and imaginative outfits. Welcome! :)

    • Thanks so much for introducing me to this fabulous site. There’s so much inspiration on here! xxx

  • This is so cool and fun! You look ready for a paradise island getaway.

  • Okay, that’s really cute! I have a similar 70s jumpsuit pattern that you’ve now inspired me to try. :)

    • Oh you must! can’t wait to see the finished article! x

  • YAY! I, too, am so glad you’re here! I absolutely adore your style.

  • OH MY GOSH! SO, SO COOL! I love it!

  • That looks wonderful! I love sixties patterns and I usually can’t resist buying them in op shops! You look fantastic!


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