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Sew for Victory: Turquoise shirt dress

This is my Sew for Victory contribution. A turquoise shirt dress made from 100% cotton. I got the inspiration from the 1943 Bella Hess catalogue.

My design idea was a turquoise shirt dress with shoulder and waist darts to shape the bodce, A-line skirt with pocket detail and a self fabric belt.

I already had a vintage shirt dress pattern that I liked the fit of and decided to frankenstein the bodice of that pattern. The original pattern had one waist and one bust dart to shape the bodice front. I traced, slashed and re-arranged the pattern piece.

There are more pictures and details on the construction of the dress here.

The finished dress turned out a little different from the original idea. I left the chest pocket because I didn’t like the look of it when I pinned it onto the dress. And I had to change the patch pockets on the skirt. I made the silly mistake of cutting the front skirt panel too small and didn’t want to waste the fabric and/or buy more. I solved the problem by switching on my make-do-and-mend thinking and working the pockets into the skirt which gave the front panel enough extra width to fit the skirt. I’m quite proud of myself that I didn’t just go for the easy option and bought more material.

And this is how it turned out in the end.

For more pictures, check out my blog please.

About the author: Twitter: @Beatrice_Winter Instagram: @beatricewinter Hi everyone, I am a German girl living in the UK. I am in love with all things vintage. My favourite decades are the 1920s-1960s. I am a freelance seamstress, property investor, army wife and crazy cat lady. Please visit my blog or add me on Twitter. I am interested in all your projects and inspirations and also would love to hear what you think about mine. XX

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