Sew For Victory “Doris” Dress

I crafted this dress (named after my Great Grandmom) with the help of one of my first Patterns From The Past purchases: McCall 4890 circa 1942!

I was immediately drawn to the military-esque triangular shape of ’40s tops but was unsure how they would look on my very ’50s hourglass figure. I reeeeeally don’t enjoy emphasizing my hips, and had never made a dress that wasn’t uber fitted at the waist.

The Sew For Victory challenge really did inspire me in this way, and I decided to give it a go. I actually LOVE the drape of the loose-fitting waist, especially since I used a light linen. I placed the fitted skirt yoke just high enough on my hips to show that I’m not actually that wide, so I think it did turn out fairly flattering.

For more details on how I made this, check out my blog!

• Meet the Author • raywuwei

I am a writer from Portland, OR and I love to sew! Naturally.

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  • This dress looks wonderful! I love the embroidery!! You did a great job :)

  • It’s lovely! You look great in it. The embroidery is so cute too!

  • Hah, I love that you’re copying the pose from the envelope :D This is gorgeous – well done!

    • Hehe, its always nice to have posing inspiration (no models here). Thanks!

  • It’s lovely, well done! Very flattering and the linen you used hangs beautifully. I love the embroidery too!

  • beautiful !
    a great job

  • Lovely dress and it looks great on you!

  • I have a figure similar to yours, and I too have shied away from some of those patterns because I’m unsure how they look. The dress looks fantastic on you though and I may even be a bit inspired for my own version. Great job!

  • This is gorgeous. I’m very envious.


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