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My Retro style wedding dress

March 17, 2013

Hi I’m new here and I’ve wanted to share my wedding dress with just about anybody :-). I started with a McCall’s pattern but after I got started I quit following the pattern after I finished the top of the bodice. I changed the waist style and added to the skirt so I’m not really sure what I did but it turned out nice.

I did almost everything for the wedding because I just love doing crafts. I’m not a great cook but I made the reception meal myself too just to impress the mother in law since she’s practically tie world’s best cook :-). I made the cake too but I can’t get the pictures to upload. Thanks for viewing the pictures I do have to share. Sorry about the quality of the pictures too, they’re pictures from my cell because I can’t get my scanner to work 🙁

    1. thank you ma’am! I was so busy the day of! I just wanted to pass out! And then my youngest dress ended having to be altered before she put it on!

  1. I LOVE seeing a bride in pink! Fabulous dress, a real memory maker for you and for all the girls at the wedding!

    1. That dress made my then fiance very jealous for two months. If I wasn’t with the kids, I was shut up in the room with a dress he couldn’t see 🙂 the look on his face when he finally did see it was priceless though!

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