Du Barry 5327, two ways

Hi! I have made this pattern twice now and really like it.
The first version I made for Valentine’s Day. It has bound button holes and long sleeves.
For the second version I made short sleeves. You can’t see it in the picture but the short sleeves have neat little pleats on the sides. I added shoulder pads on this one, which I think improves the fit. This pattern only calls for two buttons, which is great if you only have two of a certain kind of button. A woman at church gave me these buttons.
I have a feeling that this will not be the last time I use this pattern! Thanks for looking!

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  • They are both gorgeous. I couldn’t pick a favourite. It’s a great pattern, I’m sure you’ll make many more. Can’t wait to see them all!!

  • I love them both, too. Excellent work.

  • Love them both, and particularly the Valentine’s one! Nice work.

  • Hallo, i love the blue one. You looks very sweet with this blouse . like it!
    Greetings! Claudia


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