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Another Dance to go to

March 20, 2013

Hi guys  I have been wanting to share this one with you for a while …. a 1940s  party dress for my daughter to swing in

an original 1940s pattern made up in a  green polyester crepe

made up exactly as pattern stated, just shortened the pattern pieces for petite frame…..after pinking the seams I realised that the fabric frayed too much so I had to bind all the seams of with ‘Hug Snug’  Rayon seam binding …I love this stuff and can only get it online from the states.

I also finished the waistband and shoulders with some lining to cover all the raw edges at these points.

then I used a concealed side zip after realising that a metal one sewn in with the vintage method interfered with the pockets and covered buttons and loops for the back opening.

a crochet snood and little velvet flowers in her hair and she is all ready for the dance

this dress could be embellished on the yolk and waistband and can be dressed up or down

would look fab with big jewellery but you can’t dance in that I’ve been told 🙂










  1. What a lovely result! I love the sound of that Hug Snug seam binding. All of my vintage dresses have a great seam binding, sounds like similar stuff, there’s nothing like it in the shops only that chunky cotton/polyester stuff that quilters use. I agree, any excuse to dress up in vintage. I’ve been getting braver and braver with that and it really pays off. I wish more people would do it, it’s so worthwhile and I always get compliments.

  2. Looks great. Lovely job Mrs Bee.
    Yep jewellery not good when dancing…health n safety…although a choker necklace or a small pearl necklace is usually get away-a-ble with…
    Will you be making something for the lindy exchange this year?

    1. ooh 8 count , 6 count, Charleston, blues are all words I hear …does that sound right Jamie all I know is she loves it …and so far Lady D im not making anything else for her …but never say never :0

    1. thanks all for your lovely comments …yes she is very lucky …but so am I to have her , all I have to do is get her to sew for herself , my biggest challenge 🙂

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