Pendleton Wool c1950

If you like wool be sure to visit Portland, OR! Since Pendleton is based in Oregon, you can often find amazing vintage wool at local shops. I found 2+ yeards of two different plaid patterns. The blue is c1950 and the orange is c1970.

I made a Colette Peony Dress out of the blue and simply adore it! You can view more pics on my blog. I’m making a men’s button up out of the other plaid.

I will note that these pretties did not smell so pretty. I had to wash them, then air dry them and let them sit in the garage for a week to fully cleanse them of their musk. But now they’re wonderful! And they only cost $24 apiece 🙂

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I am a writer from Portland, OR and I love to sew! Naturally.

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  • I am tremendously jealous of that fabric – I never see any Pendleton wool around here.

    Roadtrip to Oregon!

    • Do it! The Columbia and Willamette Valleys are stunning to drive through 😉

  • Beautiful dress. I love the contrast between the homey wool plaid and the beaded decoration. It’s perfect!

    • Thanks! I liked how the notions dressed it up so it works as day or evening wear 😀


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