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Butterick 7503

February 20, 2013

Hello everyone!  After a very, very long period of lurking around this blog and being continually amazed by the incredible creations all of you have posted, I decided to come out of the woodwork.

This is my first make of 2013.  I started working on it in 2012 and ran into some problems with the facing due to cryptic pattern instructions.  It hung forlornly in our bedroom for weeks until I decided to take a deep breath and finish it up this past week.  Phew!  Has anyone else given Butterick 7503 a try?  The version with the wiggle skirt and Peter Pan collar is in my to-do list now, but as I mentioned on my blog, I will definitely do some of the pattern adjustments I inexplicably decided to leave out on this make.  If 2012 was the year of throwing caution to the wind (in my sewing life anyway,) 2013 will be the year of actually thinking through my projects before leaping into them blindly.

Here’s the info. on this pattern:

Fabric:  Vintage cotton-blend, earth-toned floral pattern – thrifted for probably less than $5.00

Pattern:  Butterick 7503 View C

Here’s a closeup of the fabric I used…

…and here’s a detail of View C of Butterick 7503.

I’m excited to be a part of this lovely group of vintage fans and I look forward to reading about all of your incredible projects!

xox Elle

Elle Buckle Vintage

  1. That fabric was an excellent find! I love designs that mix florals with geometric shapes.

    Did you alter the skirt at all? Your skirt looks a really nice shape, and not as full as the picture on the pattern. I’m often put off by the very puffy full skirts on the covers of patterns from the 1950s -60s.

    1. Hi Adele,

      I was pretty pleased with the fabric too! I love shopping for fabric at thrift stores as I never know what I’ll find.

      I didn’t alter the fullness of the skirt at all but I did remove a few inches from the hem as I wanted it to fall just below the knee. I find that the patterns with gathered or circle skirts end up being really full, but the 6 or 8 gore skirts aren’t quite so puffy.

    1. Thanks Jusi – I was hoping that it would be a dress that I could wear well into spring and I think it may have turned out that way! Now if we could just get some nice springtime weather…

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