!942 Little Girls Dress from a men’s shirt





I love sewing with children’s vintage patterns.So many modern patterns for children are sort of sack like and shapeless.

I love how the styles from the forties are fitted and stylish, while being practical at the same time!

This little dress was made from a thrifted men’s shirt and my 1942 Simplicity pattern in the spirit of 40’s frugality.

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  • I about died from this! Talk about mend and make do! Bravo!

  • I am so jealous! I want that dress and/or a little girl to dress up in one similar! Great work! This is fab!

  • What an absolutely lovely dress – LOVE the contrast of the red and blue….. make me an adult-sized one?! 😀


  • Good grief that is adorable!

  • Cute as a button.
    Love the fact that you’ve been able repurpose the shirt & reuse the pattern.
    It look way better as a dress than it did as a shirt.

  • This was half of a set of “mother/daughter” patterns. The “mother” dress is Simplicity 4102.


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