30s suspender skirt, 30s beret and 40s blouse

I made some pictures of a couple of my completed projects. They are quite matching which wasn’t rally planned, but it feels good to wear an almost completely me-made-outfit! Let’s start with the skirt!

 I almost can’t remember when I started making this skirt! Ok, I’m exaggerating! But it was early september when I started drafting this pattern. I drafted a six gore skirt using late 30s suspender skirts as inspiration. Drafting went quite well, sewing the garment as well, but finishing was apparently a bit harder. Somehow I forgot a bit about this skirt I only needed to hem it, everything else was done. A few weeks ago I actually finished the skirt.

 The blouse is view 2 of Simplicity 3638, with a peter pan collar and lots of top stitching. I think the top stitching gives the blouse just that bit extra. I didn’t really had any problems with this one, because I already had used this pattern. The hardest thing was to find the right buttons! I had so many colour options, like pink, green, lila, it shouldn’t be hard. I had nothing suitable in my stash thus I went to three different shops to find the perfect button. I almost gave up, but in the final shop I find some pretty buttons!

In december I started crocheting the 30s beret using burgundy yarn. Well, this pattern was really testing my persistence. I choose this pattern, because I wanted a small inbetween sweater knitting projects. It took much longer, I think the time I spent on this one beret  I could have made five! It started with the (for me) unclear pattern description, I just didn’t understand the pattern at first. Then I didn’t know which crochet hook size to use. I started with 5 mm and ended with 3 mm, but I think 2,5 or 2 mm would be better since, I didn’t crocheted all of the pattern rows, otherwise it would still be too big.  Because I used another hook size, I needed another yarn. In my stash I had this lovely pink alpaca wool. And then I realized this beret would be great with my green suspender skirt and my floral blouse! Tadaa, outfit completed! :)

At the moment I’m really longing for spring. The weather is so fluctuating at the moment, we have everything: snow, rain, frost, storms, but also some sunshine and singing birds. Like a hint of spring, and I think my outfit is also a hint of spring. Because it looks a bit springey, but with a cardigan and tights it’s perfect for clolder days as well!

P.S. I think the suspenders skirts are quite popular. Have you seen the lovely suspender skirts of TashaJanice and Bea

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  • Love your outfit. been thinking of making a suspender skirt for myself too. This is really giving me some good inspiration.


  • Super cute! The colour is so perfect for you!

  • Yes, yes, yes this is perfection!!!! And the colour of the skirt, drool. The whole outfit is so, so pretty!!

  • So absurdly in love with all of it, great work!

  • Thank you so much ladies!

  • Gorgeous! You’ve inspired me with that colour pallet!

  • Great outfit!
    I love the color of the skirt. The cardigan is also sweet !

  • Wow! What an outfit! Love it all. xx

  • This outfit is darling! Oh to be young and trim again. I am most especially in love with the blouse. I can never have enough of well-done pretty blouses. (Try to find one in a store!). You’ve done fine work, and I commend you and thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks again for your lovely comments! I love reading them!

  • I love this! Your suspender skirt is so cute and in the close ups of the shirt you can really see the cute little pattern details.

  • Hi! I am designing a film set in the 1930s. I really want to put a character in your teal suspender skirt. Do you still have it? Would you consider selling? Thanks!!



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