The Afternoon Blouse

Thanks so much for all of your comments on my plaid dress – it’s quite reassuring to know that we all seem to be in the same boat when it comes to sewing with plaid. We love the outcome, but it’s a long hard slog to get there!
Let’s talk about this blouse that I’ve named ‘The Afternoon Blouse’.

29 Jan 2013 4

29 Jan 2013 7

I have to honest, I’ve always been a bit envious of those that seem to be able to whip up garments in a day (or a matter of hours!). I’ve never been able to do that. I could probably whip up a circle skirt relatively quickly in a day if I wanted to (or desperately needed to), but because I like to take regular breaks and my time is limited, my garments are usually made up over a few sewing sessions.

Having said that, I was really quite proud of myself when I made this blouse from start to finish on Boxing day afternoon last year. This is number 2 on my sewing list now complete.

Pattern 9

29 Jan 2013 3

29 Jan 2013 2

The blouse was really very simple and quick to make up. I made one change in the pattern which involved pinching out quite a lot of fullness from the bust area (about 2 inches) before tracing my pattern ready to use.

You can’t really tell because of the fabric, but the little front button detail is very sweet and makes the blouse look a tad more difficult that it actually is.  In fact, my button isn’t actually even a working button. The small v-neck is just big enough to make this a ‘pull over’ blouse with no zips or closures.
I plan to make a few more of these in plain fabrics so that the front button detailing is more of a feature. The circle skirt is one I made last year.
I’m really interested to know how all of you like to sew – is it short sharp bursts like myself or do you prefer to complete your projects in one go?

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  • Unfortunately, I am more of the cut everything out, start sewing it and then lose focus for months or years before either picking it back up or no longer liking it.

  • Sewing takes quite a while for me- things never seem to go right or by the pattern! I tend to lose focus aswell, especially if things go wrong!
    Your blouse looks absolutely divine! Good on you for working so hard and fast at it!
    Truly lovely!

  • So pretty and so timeless. What a great pattern.

  • Lovely blouse, I want to make one now. Could you please tell me the pattern number? Thanks.

    • Hi Ronnie – it’s McCall’s 3030, and I believe it’s from the 1950’s 🙂 Hope that helps!!

  • I love this blouse. I am not one that can sew an item in one sitting either. Even easy patterns. Nice work. It is lovely.

  • Gorgeous and timeless. Perfect match.

  • I love your whole outfit! As for sewing, I can plow through anything when I’m hired for a job with 10-14 hours straight for days. But when it comes to sewing for myself, well, let’s just say it can be hard to keep motivation levels high – ever heard the expression “the cobbler’s kids have no shoes”? =)

  • I’m planning on a couple of blouses this year, so this is very inspiring!

    I tend to sew madly, though I realise in a very organised fashion! And am always working on several projects at a time. I have two children under 5, and fit sewing in mostly when they sleep and at night or when I get a morning to myself, usually less than one hour… when I have the chance I binge cut, a number of projects/dresses, mark, pin darts etc, wrap them up with their notions, and they await those free moments, then I carefully zig zag edges, sounds pretty nerdy, I suppose, but then I keep one colour thread on my machine, and say finish all edges for a number of garments. At the moment it’s two dark dresses.

    I have never completed an entire dress in on sitting, but as my projects progress, I can complete a couple per week, which is exciting.

    I find it really interesting reading how other sewers work – thanks for sharing and asking.

  • What a terrific blouse pattern, you could make it in prints and plains and wear it everywhere. And even, a matching skirt so you have a 2-piece dress! Love it.

  • I love the blouse. Sounds like a great pattern.
    I tend to spend a weekend cutting everything out for a few projects. Then they go in thier project bag till they are ready to start. when I start a project I’ll usualy spread it out and do a few hours each day as as a hand sewer there’s only so much sewing you can do before your fingers are red raw.

  • Beautiful. I love this very much. It’s always nice to see a finished product on a real model instead of the unrealistic drawings on the old patterns. Thanks! Going to look for this one on my next hunt!


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