Simplicity 1194

Hi! I started sewing about four months ago and have loved being able to look at this site and all your work for inspiration. I have really enjoyed visiting antique shops and thrift stores searching for old patterns. It has become quite the obsession, actually : )
I thought I would post a picture of the dress I just finished. I used Simplicity 1194, which I think is from 1955. I have been wearing it as a jumper but when the weather warms up I suppose I could wear it as a sleeveless dress. There are little pleats at the waistline. If I were to do it again I think I would do some sort of narrow shoulder adjustment as it gaps a bit at the neckline.
Thank you!

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  • Great dress, and after only four months of sewing – well done!

  • I made up a Butterick reprint very similar to this.

    Very cute! Looks warm too.

  • What a fast learning curve! I’m really impressed – not many people can learn to sew and produce something so wearable in only 4 months! It looks great! Definitely keep sewing. =)

  • Great job! Looks wonderful! Keep up the good work.

  • Wow, very nice. And after only four months! Well done. I just started sewing also, but I think it may be more than four months before I can make anything I want to wear outside the house!


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