Oriental Jacket

Perhaps I should have gone the more sensible throw pillow route with this one, but I couldn’t help it.  One 54″ wide yard of 1960s vintage home dec cotton makes for a very nice Oriental jacket.  More details over at my blog.

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Shepherdess, retro-housewife, mother, seamstress... but labels can be deceiving. I also play the sax, butcher chickens and sing in the church choir. I raise sheep and bale hay. I sew from Grandma's patterns and drive a 1950 Ford Shoebox. Life at the Willow Homestead is retro right down to the 1947 Frigidaire!

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  • Maybe you could post a finished picture here for us, or give us some more info here instead of an advertisement?

    • I like it, and especially with the hat. I’ve always liked those types of jackets, but my body shape forbids me to wear them. The arm band on the sleeve was a nice touch.

  • I’m so glad you DIDN’T make a throw pillow! That fabric is amazing and the jacket is a dream!


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