McCalls 7385, more bows, mint and red outfit

Hi my name is Bea and I am addicted to bow blouses, oops!! I’m not sorry though as they are just too much fun to make and most of all wear. So I made another one. This time I used a vintage pattern, McCalls 7385 view B, mint green poly cotton and red buttons.

The fit is looser than my previous blouses but I really like it. Especially in combination with the red skirt. I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest and had to create and outfit based on it.

I also made a 1960s inspired buttoned A-line skirt from a red cotton drill and big vintage buttons to go with it.

I hope you likey! More details and pictures here


• Meet the Author • Bea

Twitter: @Beatrice_Winter Instagram: @beatricewinter Hi everyone, I am a German girl living in the UK. I am in love with all things vintage. My favourite decades are the 1920s-1960s. I am a freelance seamstress, property investor, army wife and crazy cat lady. Please visit my blog or add me on Twitter. I am interested in all your projects and inspirations and also would love to hear what you think about mine. XX

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  • Aaaaw, it’s a wonderful color – you look fantastic! 🙂

  • That is a GORGEOUS outfit. I am getting my hair dyed red on Friday so I may copy you. You look amazing !!

    • Please do!!!! And please share a picture!!!

  • Love this color combo, and the bow blouse is very sweet!


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