Hi guys! Its me again (year 12 student making vintage dress/gloves/felt pillbox hat  inspired by grandmothers 1950s/60s dresses)!

As part of my project I have to have a brand name- any ideas? I am completely stuck!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and tips

missmel xxx

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Love anything vintage especially fashion, hair and makeup.

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  • Hello MissMel,

    What about utilising your grandmother’s name in some way?

    • her name is mary- but she is of greek/egyptian heritage so she is also called maritza, i will have to think!!! 🙂

  • How about Golden Era Girly

  • How about A Little Bitza Maritza

    • this one is good!! 🙂

  • You can always go with your online persona name… Miss Mel 🙂
    Think about the big names in vintage fashion- they used their own names in some way… Maritza is definitely unique enough to use 🙂

  • I think Maritza is great. Very unique if your grandma is your inspiration, you’re giving her instant credit!

  • Part of my inspiration is also enivronmentally sustainable fabrics (as I am using hemp/organic cotton material for the dress- its a lavender colour aswell) I dont know how I could tie this in???
    All of your suggestions and tips have been great so far! Thankyou so much! <3

  • How about Made by Mel?

    Simple, lyrical, works with your already established blog…..


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