GIVEAWAY: Custom Made Panties from Ohhh Lulu

January 4, 2013

Lingerie. Underthings. Smalls. Whatever you call them, you can never have enough panties, particularly the amazingly gorgeous variety made by Ohhh Lulu.

January is the perfect time to dig through that underwear drawer, cast aside the sad, tired underpants of yesteryear and get some spanky new underoos into your life. To this end, I’ve got two treats for you to kick off the new year:

Treat for Everyone:

All WeSewRetro fans get 10% off your order at Ohhh Lulu for the next seven days (Friday, January 4th to Friday, January 11th) with coupon code WESEWRETRO13

Treat for One Lucky Winner:

When you win the giveaway, Ohhh Lulu will custom make you a pair of panties in the style of your choice, plus you’ll get a PDF pattern for the Betty High Waist Panties so you can stock up your underwear drawer.

There’s nothing more awesome than having your own custom made underwear to strut around in, so here’s how to enter:

To Enter the Giveaway:

Head over to Ohhh Lulu and decide what style of panties you simply must have then pop back here and let me know which style and why in the comments.

The lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, January 11th. (You can pass your measurements to Ohhh Lulu privately when you win so don’t feel like you have to post a size in the comments.)


  1. I have been admiring the bon voyage panties forever now. There’s something incredible about the combination of naval stripes and dainty lace. But, Sarah has an amazing eye for that sort of thing in general. All of her creations are amazing. Lately, I’ve been feeling very inspired by her flannel sets. I just need to finish renovating the bedroom so that I can pull out the sewing machine again…

  2. I am in love with: Sheer Flapper Style French Knickers Panties Sparrow and Star Print Chiffon
    They are sexy and demure all at the same time. All of her items are amazing! Thanks to you and to Ohhh Lulu!

  3. I love the highwaisted pants and have been admiring them for a long time! My favourite are the black lace and pink satin ones, great combo!

  4. I love the high-waisted “Pin Up Collection” pants, especially the polka dot and pink ones. I’ve only recently started my vintage clothing collection – both made by me and store-bought – so these would be a wonderful addition to my growing wardrobe. They would be great since I recently bought a pencil skirt and am having trouble stopping the panty-line showing through on my regular hip-hugging underpants.

  5. I love the high-waist panties too. I always wear high waist panties and the Ohh Lulu ones are adorable! My favourite of the ones shown are the flower print + black lace ones.

  6. I also adore the high waist panties! My favourites are the Nautical Bon Voyage High Waist Panties. There’s just something about stripes… πŸ™‚ And the lace on them looks fantastic and comfortable.

  7. I love the Nautical Bon Voyage High Waist Panties! They look so cute and comfortable. Weirdly, the older I get the more I like big panties. πŸ™‚

  8. The Hello Sailor Stripes and Lace Cheeky are so sweet, or even the Pink Satin & Grey Sequin Mermaid Cheeky Panties. Gosh darn all of them are lovely!

  9. I love the black mesh high waist panties, I recently started making my own pants from knit fabric, and they show every single panty line, I don’t own a pair to high waist panites, but I would love to have a pair, I think that would solve my panty line problem.

  10. Ooo I love knickers! For me the best pants are the Sheer Flapper Style French Knickers Panties Sparrow and Star Print Chiffon. So unusual to have a print like that on knickers. And you can never go wrong with a French knicker style.

    Porcelina x

  11. I added the high waist panties ( as my favorite on etsy weeks ago but haven’t been able too afford them so far – So it would be a real treat to win them :o) They are adorable! Besides, the other day I realized that some of my underwear have been in my drawer since I graduated high school – in 1997!!! No wonder that I don’t feel particularly sexy in them ;o)

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. I have been loving Ooh Lulu’s lingerie for a while now and I particularly love the ‘cheeky panties’ style. All the combos looks great, but I have always had a weakness for nautical style, so the Hello Sailor design is probably my favourite, though the pink satin and black lace pair is a close second.

    Great giveaway – thanks a lot for offering it!

  13. I love the Womens Romantic High Waist Panties Lingerie in Black & Pink Floral Bohemian Retro. The black lace and floral pattern are, what I believe to be, the perfect mix of feminine, earthy florals and sexy black cat magic. Love, love, love them!

  14. My fav style is Chloe Floral Cheeky Panties, but it’s so hard to choose only one. This one has my recent fav coulor combination.

  15. I like the nautical high waisted panty. I have been eyeing similar types but haven’t taking the plunge. This would be a great start!

  16. i’d sell my soul for any from the “pin up collection” they are just perfect: high waist, dots, roses, pink, sexy black lace, mmm even the navy stripes….yummy i can’t decide!

  17. I just love the lumberjack plaid red kind one! It’s so pretty! I wonder if she would do that type, in polka dots fabric (because I ADORE polka dots!)

  18. I love the seafoam and champagne panties! I love just about everything in this shop, but those are just gorgeous. Great selection of lingerie.

  19. What a great giveaway. I just started sorting through my underwear drawer.
    The lumberjack ones! Rustic and sexy all at the same time and perfect as she says, “for snuggling up with a special someone (a burly lumberjack, perhaps?) down by the fire “…because I would totally be snuggling up with my own lumberjack by the fire he made (true story)!

  20. I love the black lace and floral high waisted ones that are shown here. I noticed them right away. They would be so much fun to wear.

  21. LOVE the Raven cheeky panties. I’ve been interested in the betty pdf, but i’ve never made anything like it before… maybe 2013 is the time!

  22. Lemme try this again. I love them all but the Nautical Bon Voyage High Waist Panties r the ones for me. I would love to have this pattern, if I don’t win it I will buy it!

  23. I love Ohhh Lulu! I’ve been waiting for my golden opportunity to afford a pair of panties – or even a whole set. Everything is so gorgeous, but my very favorite pair is the Lumberjack Plaid. I LOOOOVE those!!

  24. I must have those Velvet Heart Cheeky panties. Amazing colour, plush velvet, adorable heart on the butt–what’s not to like?

  25. Ohhh, yay Sarah! Thanks for sponsoring a giveaway! It would definitely have to be a pair of the cheeky panties for me, like the ones with sequin fabric. Though I’m really crazy about my lumberjack panties, too, which I’ve been hand washing nearly every other day because I love to wear them so much. πŸ™‚

  26. I would love some of Sarah’s flannel undies, they are so pretty and it has been so cold here these past few days!!! I love that the flannel is so practical, but the floral print is so feminine.

    I have already purchased and used the Betty Pattern, so if I win, I’d be happy to pass that part of the prize on to another seamstress!

  27. I loveeee the High Waisted Pin Up style. It’s such a cool and sexy look when paired with a nice bra! Plus, Sarah creator of Oh Lu Lu) is super talented and nice and I would kill for a pair of her custom made panties! I’m also broke and a nice fancy pair of undies would be a nice treat πŸ™‚

  28. I absolutely LOVE the Batty high waist panties… no the Ruffle Signature panties… no…. AAARRGGHHH why oh WHY can I only chose one pair for the Give Away?? It must be the Betty High Waist Panties then…

    Now… off to get the entire pattern collection with a 10% discount!!! And the bras even come in my size!!!!

  29. It’s like you read minds. I was just thinking of buying that pattern, so I really hope to win but even if I don’t there’s a pattern discount yay! I’d have to say the Lumberjack Plaid Red and Black Flannel & Lace Rustic French Knickers are super cute and perfect for the winter.

  30. Hello! I have your pattern in my favorites for some times now, but I guess I’m still afraid to sew underwear… (blushing!) I love your high waist panties in black lace and pink satin (or retro floral!, so hard to pick only one!) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! πŸ˜€

  31. Fantastic givaway. I’ve admired Ohh Lulu forever on etsy. Any of the french knickers would be my wish. I also love the high waisted panties. So vintage- so beautiful. Thanks for highlighting the site and happy sewing in 2013!

  32. The Bon Voyage high waisted panties are adorable, and the cheeky panty version is also great–it would be very hard to choose between them. I’ve had her shop as a favorite for quite a bit, I just haven’t been able to talk myself into buying myself a pair because I’m afraid I’ll ruin them straight away.

  33. I love the Pocket Full of Posies panties. I want to lounge in them for forever. The style behind them is so wonderful – ethereal – and they want some gossamer shrug too. Perfect for lounging.

  34. OMG, the high-waisted Pin Up Panties are AMAZING!! I’m all for big contrast and lots of romance, so color and style-wise, they are spot-on!!

  35. I ‘m totally in love with everything from Ohh LuLu. If I had to decide I would chose the Nautical Bon Voyage High Waist Panties.

  36. I love the high waisted knickers , love the romantic high waist ones in black with flowers.
    I only wear high waisted knickers and they are so hard to find nice, retro and sexy πŸ™‚
    thanx for this giveaway
    joan in italy

  37. I really love the Womens Romantic High Waist Panties in Black & Pink Floral Bohemian Retro. it is the perfect combination of girly, feminine and sexy!

  38. It is hard to decide! But I love the high waist styles, particularly the High Waist Panties in Black Lace and Pink Satin Bohemian Pin Up.

  39. I love the Classic Blue Floral Flannel French Knicker Style! I’ve been eyeing her shop for awhile, such pretty things!

  40. wow! i have never seen this etsy shop! all the items look beautiful and comfortable. i am dying over the merlot velvet high waisted ones, but, i think my heart belongs to bon voyage navy stripe and lace cheeky panties! i have recently begun to travel and we love cruising, so, nautical themed undies seem just the ticket!!! thank you for doing the giveaway!

  41. The Vintage Seafoam and Champagne Satin Cheeky panties are gorgeous and would be perfect for my honeymoon! I have been drooling over Ohhhlulu’s lingerie for months

  42. The Sexy Merlot Red Antique Style Velvet High Waist Panties are my favorite. Love everything about them: velvet and lace, two of my favorite fabrics; red and black two of my favorite colors. Perfect.

  43. Oh my, I love the Womens High Waist Panties in Merlot Red Velvet with Black Lace Appliques. The red velvet and black appliquΓ© is unbelievably gorgeous, and perfect for the snowy weather we are having right now (not that I would be wearing them on their own!)

  44. Wow! All of them are so gorgeous! It’s very difficult to choose but I really love the Vintage Look Seaform and Champagne Satin Cheeky Panties. They are so feminine and romantic. Plus seaform green is one of my favorite colors!

  45. Ohhh Lulu, I just love your work!

    I’d love a pair of High Waist Panties from the ‘Pin Up Collection’, and I have a plan to make my own underwear this year, so would LOVE the pattern to try out. I’ve saved you and will look back later to place a pattern order when I’m all set.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win lovely knickers x

  46. I adore the Warm Winter Panties in Classic Blue Floral Flannel French Knicker Style Made to Order. They are so feminine and just my style <3<3

  47. Oooh, I love how she combines fabrics and trims! Very special undies! The Shimmer Collection of 3 Cheeky Panties is particularly appealing, especially the pink and gray panties πŸ˜€

  48. I just love reading the Ohh Lulu blog and oohing and aahing over all of the pretty underthings. My favorite are the high waisted panties in pink and black lace, although everything in the shop if beautiful!

  49. What a WONDERFUL giveaway! And it’s a hard choice, but I love her Hello Sailor Stripes and Lace Cheeky Panties. They are cute but still practical enough to wear often!

  50. Hmm, I think I would have to choose the Nautical Bon Voyage High Waist Panties as well. I love the combination of lace and stripes. It is both feminine and fun, which I love. Good luck everyone and thank you for this opportunity!

  51. OMG! I am blown away at how amazing these knickers are!

    But I have fallen hard for the grey plaid flannel panties. They look SO COMFY and I just love wearing flannel in the winter time.

  52. All her designs are so cute but the best has to be the Lumberjack French knickers. That classic black/red plaid is to die for and they look so super comfy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. So many interesting combinations of fabric to choose from! Summer camp high-waisted would be my choice but most of all I’d like to know where she sources those gorgeous fabric πŸ˜‰

  54. The high-waisted bon voyage are gorgeous! I need to prance around the house looking adorable. Those would do the trick!

  55. My favorite are the high waist black lace and pink satin panties! I love them because they are so feminine, pretty and very vintage looking. I would love to do a pin-up style photo shoot with them.

  56. The Warm Winter Panties in the Classic Blue Floral French Knicker Style are darling! I simply love the combination of the fabric, style and lace πŸ™‚


  57. “I have too much lingerie” said no woman ever. I would love to have one of everything! That said, those gorgeous Sexy Merlot Red Velvet ones, the contrast lace at the legs. So pretty. Makes me want to sit around in a lovely dressing gown (Butterick 5152 I’m looking at you!) sipping champagne all day.

  58. I do not need more amazing things to lust after on Etsy. πŸ™ I LOVE the nautical retro pinup cheeky set. But I think my absolute favorite is the lumberjack plaid. It’s so different and cozy looking, perfect for winter.

  59. Omg… those are gorgeous…. it’s going to be hard to pick a favorite! I love the Bon Voyage blue/ivory pair….but the high waisted merlot pair with the lace is amazing… dang the Hello Sailor pair is really cute too!

  60. Definitely the high waist style! I’ve been wearing these for so long that any panty riding below my belly button feels like it may just drop to my ankles at any given moment! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  61. best giveaway ever! I adore the lumberjack French knickers – the combination of plaid and lace is both hilarious and sexy.

  62. Ooohhh….so many options. I think I would love to try the high-waisted style, in the pretty blush and black combination.


  63. Oh my, I adore the Amethyst Smoke knickers because they are gorgeous, so lush looking, and they have a beautiful vintage flair. I’m a writer currently working on my first full length novel, so I think if I lounge around and wear these at home I would feel so super sexy and confident that my book would just write itself! πŸ˜‰ Hopefully πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

  64. Sarah has so many lovelies in her shop. The bubblegum pink and mermaid grey cheeky panties are super cute as well as the nautical bon voyage high waist panties.

  65. I would LOVE the Womens High Waist Panties in Merlot Red Velvet with Black Lace Appliques! They are not only cute, but the have such a glamourous feel to them. So hard to choose though…

  66. Hello sailor! Is my choice as they make me smile! I still find it funny that some are described as flannel, my granny used the word flannel to describe anyone who could ‘talk the talk’ she used to say that mr jones up the road was all flannel as he would stand and chat for hours if you happened to get caught by him!!

    Knickers that bring back memories! Special ones at that. Thank you!
    I have nearly finished the mrs d and ohh lu lu sew-a-long too, I am so pleased with my corset skills. Knickers to wear with this would be great!

  67. I have been wearing high waisted knickers for some time now, and I love all of Ohh Lulu’s pale coloured knickers (cream, peach, ecru, pale pink…). Flannel is this colour way would be wonderful. And my daughter is called Loulou.

  68. Oooo! It’s a hard choice but I think the French Knickers win out for me. I like things that are lo-rise, but these are long enough I could wear them under a dress while dancing & not worry.

  69. Oooooh! I really like the styling of the hi-waist panties: the red ones with the black ‘pointed’ laces detail, in particular. I LOVE red and black, but really it’s the ‘pointed’ part that I like: I have a very prominent quadricep at the top of my thigh and having the leg opening shaped like that is much more comfortable and flattering.

  70. The high waist panties in merlot velvet or black mesh—I’m always looking for something that fits both my waist and hips, and these look potentially amazing.

  71. I need to have French Knicker Style Panties in Lumberjack Plaid Red and Black Flannel with Lace! I love red and black plaid and the lace makes them so cute)

  72. I have my eyes on the nautical bon voyage high waisted panties!!!! The stripes are soooo cute! Thanks for the chance and happy 2013!

  73. I’m totally in love with the “Womens Romantic High Waist Panties Lingerie in Black & Pink Floral Bohemian Retro”, it’s my absolute favorite!
    Why? I fell in love with this panties a few weeks ago when I discovered “Ohhh Lulu” and showed them to my boyfriend: He was as taken with them as I was, so we already made plans how I would wear them (which bra etc.) in a private photo shoot. Hihi… πŸ˜‰

  74. I’ve been pining for the summer camp and lace high waisted panties for soooo long. Something about the fabric combination makes me swoon.

  75. Totally split between the Vintage look Seafoam and Champagne satin Cheeky panties (gotta love me some vintage-esque lingerie) and the Hello sailor Stripes and lace (stripes and lace -be still my beating heart).
    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for this prize!

  76. I can’t pass up those Merlot Red Velvet high waisted panties. I’m pretty sure me and my special someone would love them!

  77. I adore the lumberjack plaid flannel knickers. The thought of cozy soft flannel undies is soo tempting. The Hello Sailor cheeky panties come in a close second, though. I LOVE the lace sides and the cut.

  78. Woops. That was me. That’s what I get for doing things on hubby’s computer. Forgot I wasn’t logged in.

    I adore the lumberjack plaid flannel knickers. The thought of cozy soft flannel undies is soo tempting. The Hello Sailor cheeky panties come in a close second, though. I LOVE the lace sides and the cut.

  79. What a great giveaway! I’ve been a fan of Ohh Lulu for quite some time now. I would LOVE to win a pair of her Blush and Black Satin High Waist Panties… like REALLY would love to win them!

  80. My favorite is the High Waist Panties in Black Lace and Pink Satin. I’ve bought the Betty pattern, and I even started sewing a pair… but the fabric was all wrong and I haven’t tried again. I’d love a proper pair to enjoy and learn from. Thank you!

  81. Raven black satin! Nothing like feeling a tiny bit exy under ordinary work clothes! I was so happy to find your shop, I love your blog for the eye candy and am exited to see someone from a small town in my home province successfully making it in a niche market. Way to go!!!!!

  82. I would absolutely love to try the high waist panties in black lace and pink satin, I honestly don’t think I’ve wanted another lingerie piece more! Pink/blush satin with black details is just about my most favourite combination of all time, so sophisticated!
    Not to mention that they’d go spectacularly with my vintage dresses. Or that the other half would love them!

  83. So many beautiful things! I would love the high-waisted pin up panties. Probably in hot pink and black if I had my choice.

  84. I’m in lust with the high waisted panties and the nautical bon voyage ones specifically. I’ve made a couple of pencil skirts but my low cut modern undies just don’t work. Thank you!

  85. I have to say my favorite are the Lumberjack Plaid Red and Black Flannel & Lace Rustic French Knickers. I think that style looks the most flattering on me, plus the fabric is adorable!

  86. What a great giveaway. I have been yearning for the smoke amethyst set, I would love to have those panties. The colour is divine.

  87. Decisions, decisions! I feel it would be really difficult to go wrong here but I love the grey plaid flannel with lace and the satin & sequin mermaid cheeky pairs best. If I win I’ll probably have to resort to flipping a coin knowing that either way I’ll be thrilled with what I get!

  88. My favorite is the seafoam and champagne cheeky panty. I have been wanting a pair of panties by Lulu for some time now, so I would love to win them!

  89. Hi Sarah,
    I have admired your work for some time now and wear the underthings you have so specially made for me and feel pretty in them!
    You have a lovely eye for colour and style to appeal to most women. The materials are wonderful and I have had my eye on a pair of star and sparrow, black and white loose fitting undies. I love sparrows and what they stand for…return to their true love after time away in search of land or food. Sparrows mate for life and it is often why sailors have a sparrow tattooed on their body to remember their loved ones at home. Best wishes in your future plans for 2013.
    Most Sincerely,
    Lori Linton

  90. Oh gorgeous!! My favs are easily the Warm Winter Panties in Classic Blue Floral Flannel French Knicker Style… I’ve had them favourited in my etsy account for ages! But hell, they’re all positively delicious. Goodluck to all!

  91. Definitely the Bubblegum Pink & Grey Mermaid Cheeky Panties. Besides the fantastically cute name, I just love the soft and pretty colours, and the sequins are to die for!!!

  92. I hope I’m not too late. I’ve been admiring Ohh Lulu for awhile. πŸ™‚
    I love the “Pocket Full of Posies Romantic Blush Pink Satin Side-Tie Panties”.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  93. Love the romantic look of the high waist panties, french knickers and saucy little bloomers. They beat the dreaded thong any day. There’s something about vintage lingerie that speaks of style and elegance, without giving it all away. Lingerie should convey a sense of innocence. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear’s undies.

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