A new year of sewing vintage!

I have been inspired by a lot of  vintage sewing enthusiasts {as well as seeing all the lovely 2012 round up posts on Sew Retro!} to write my own 2013 sewing schedule,.  It’s been great looking at all these fabulous handmade items, and I find myself drawn to the pretty, but practical pieces.  I need more of those!  Creating a sewing schedule could help me fill these “gaps” in my wardrobe I think, as well as help encourage me not to take so long whipping up one dress.

It generally seems to take me four to five months to sew one dress ~ my latest project, a maternity dress {that I haven’t posted about yet ~ naughty!}, being the quickest at just over a month and a week.  That’s because I worked on it regularly, in 15 minute blocks each day, rather than only when I felt like it.  I think it’s reasonable to say that if I finish one dress every two months, and a smaller item every month ~ that might be a good rate for me?  I do want to try and get faster at sewing up my own pieces.

So {sew ~ lol} without further ado;


  • One circle skirt w/ elastic waist  {For after baby is born}
  • One blouse {1940s style ~ I don’t have many tops that look 1940s and I love them, so I want to rectify that.}
  • Erm, we’ll see.  Baby’s due on the 29th.
  • Ditto!
  • One staple 1940s winter skirt  {I love the simple 4-gore 40s skirt; I definitely need some!}
June ~ July:
  • One warm winter dress
  • One staple 1940s summer skirt
September ~ October:
  • Pattern stash busting!  One summer dress from the collection of vintage patterns I have already!!
November ~ December:
  • 40’s Playsuit?
And while we are on this role ~ how about a knitting schedule?   As I really only seem to like to knit in the cooler months {Seriously, today it’s 37 degrees!! It’s been mid-high 30s all last week, and it’s supposed to be the same all week after….  I think you can see why!}, it’ll be a shorter list, but that’s ok.
April ~ May:
  • One short sleeved 40’s knitted blouse
June ~ July:
  • One long sleeved 40’s knitted blouse
And I think that’s it!  Do you have any sewing/knitting/crochet plans for 2013?  Do share!
P.S.  Feel free to stop by Depict This! for more vintage fun ~ sewing, photography, outfits, tutorials and more!  Hope to see you there.  ^-^  xox

• Meet the Author • bonita

I am an Artist, Photographer, Writer, Equestrian, Stay-at-Home-Housewife & Mother of One; so as you can see I have a lot of interests and happily describe myself as a multipassionate. I love the vintage style from the 1800s to the 1950s and aim to incorporate the beauty of simpler times into my life as much as possible ~ you can follow my foray into the past on my blog, or visit my website to see some of my work. ♥ xox, bonita

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  • Congrats on the impending arrival! I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it must be to be pregnant in that heat – stay cool, mama!

    • Thanks Katherine! Believe you me; I’m trying… > < Ice water and an evaporative cooler are helping somewhat with my quest. ;)


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