1920’s Style Wedding Dress

This is not a new ‘make’, I actually made my wedding dress way before blogging was even a passing thought in my (or many other peoples’) consciousness. In September 2005 in fact. However, as we are getting ready to sell our house, I came across my dress whilst packing and thought it would be fun to comment on it as it was an interesting and fun make.

To start off, and set the scene, I love the 1920’s and really wanted a dress that would reflect that period in time. McCalls 6948 fit the bill perfectly and I chose to make view ‘A’ (top right) with the cape sleeves and dipped, rear hemline. I remember that the pattern size was a 16 and I made a few adjustments from there – no FBA or swayback or anything like that as I did not even know these adjustments existed. Nonetheless, I was happy with the fit.

The dress has an invisible zip in the back (my favorite zipper application), bound armholes (although not bias binding. Tut, tut!!). The seams were serged with a narrow seam that did not show – the joy of white on white!

It was a comfortable dress to wear – no boning or worrying if the top would fall down (strapless wedding dresses are great for other people!) and I didn’t even get any food or drink down it!

It was not a difficult dress to make and I gave myself plenty of time. I would certainly consider this to be my greatest sewing achievement, even though now I would probably do some things differently – FBA/swayback adjustments, French seams etc., but ignorance was bliss, and this was/and still is my dream dress.

More details can be found on my blog!

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After many years in the wilderness, I have returned to the warm, snuggly fold of sewing. Sock knitting kept me capture for quite some time, but I am glad to be back with my fabric and machines! Right now I am all about wardrobe building - sewing the quick and easy basics, and then moving to more complex and detailed garments. I love the 1920's, but as a child of the '80's, a lot of my sewing is influenced by the 'decade that fashion forgot'! - sans shoulder pads. Honestly!! I look forward to sharing garments, reading about the adventures of my sewing buddles, and generally enjoying the experiences!

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  • I would like to visit your blog but can’t find a link. Your dress is beautiful and couldn’t be better.

  • Thanks Pat for your kind comment. I was not sure how to add my blog as a link, but it is http://spottydogsocialclub.blogspot.ca/, or you may be able to get to it through my name!

  • How lovely! And how wonderful it is to know that you made it! Your flutter sleeves and hem are beautiful.


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