1. Wow, that second link is perfect for an adaptation! The additions like the pocket flaps can be attached right next to the belly darts. They obviously weren’t functional pockets on the original. Then split the sleeves from the bodice, add seam allowance to where the pieces will meet, cut them from contrasting fabrics, and sew them back together will give you the sleeves from the original. I hope she snatches up that pattern immediately. It’s perfect!

  1. I would check out Gerties Book for Better Sewing. She does a really great job teaching you how to draft your own universal bodice pattern and then teaches you how to change it according to the style you are looking for. The same goes for skirt style. With that she helps you create many different dresses and outfit pieces. I absolutely adore it! A ton of versatility, which in my opinion (as a novice anyway) is better than just paying for one pattern. Here’s the link, good luck!


  2. I own this pattern and hundreds of others just like it; we collect and sew them for me. Most of our collection was purchased on eBay.
    Set up a search on eBay, eventually someone will have one to sell; the bidding can get crazy that is what makes it so expensive.

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