WeSewRetro Year in Review: Our Collective Awesomeness During 2012

The other week, I decided to pick out some of my favorite WeSewRetro posts from 2012 and pin them to a secret board on Pinterest, but there was so much awesomeness I ended up pinning everything. Every outfit post (with pinnable pics) on the site this year.

It’s actually a really convenient way to browse what we’ve all been up to. Mad Men was a definite trend, plus Downton Abbey, and we’re all about plaid for little girls. Quite a few of us made our own underthings and novelty buttons made a frequent appearance.

I’m about to make the secret board unsecret so you guys can check it out, so hopefully it won’t flood our 1100+ followers with 700 pins in fast succession. Fingers crossed.

Go check our collective awesomeness and like/repin your favorites by clicking here.

In other news, I’m stuck indoors today thanks to Winter Storm Euclid so if you need some help with the site today is a great day to ask. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

I’ve also discovered exactly how much peanut butter fudge I can consume before my digestive system starts shutting down. Just doing my part for science.

A massive thank you to all our contributors this year – you’ve spread inspiration, humor, and beautiful clothes across the world. Give yourself a high five from me. Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy new year!

(P.S. If you’ve got the February/March 2013 issue of Threads Magazine handy, keep an eye out for us – we’re in there!)

• Meet the Author • Katherine

I'm the editor at WeSewRetro so don't hesitate to get in touch with any problems or questions. In addition to keeping the good ship WeSewRetro afloat, I do an amateurish but enthusiastic job of raising a couple of girls, faff around with computers in my day job, and study for a masters in literature at night. Somewhere amongst all that, I like to sew.

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  • What a fab idea, thanks so much for sharing…gonna pop over and check it out now! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for We Sew Retro!

    • Thanks Marie – you’ve been a huge part of our success this year…absolutely loving your creations and looking forward to seeing more in 2013 🙂

  • Darn it! I tried to follow the boards on pinterest and it said that I had exceeded the max for following users. Weird. I didn’t even know there was a limit and I looked through other people’s and they had a ton more people they were following. I have less than 500. Too bad. Maybe it will let me follow later.
    It looks like 2012 was a productive year for everyone! 😉

    • Thank you for following me! That seemed to do the trick because I can now follow you all! 😉

      • No worries, Jamie. I tried browsing around pinterest’s help section to see if I could figure out why they stopped you but didn’t find anything useful. I wonder if they limit the number of people you can follow in a certain time frame. Anyway, all sorted now, and happy to be following your pins – the mint green shoes on your Vintage Born board are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Katherine!

    The board looks fantastic.

    Thank you sew much for all your hard work and inspiration for the year. I look forward to much more creativity and motivation from the WeSewRetro team.

    Remember – a stitch in time looks divine. Xx

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Here’s to more amazingness in 2013…I can’t wait to see how you’re going to follow that gorgeous polka dot dress. The black/white/red color combo is stunning 🙂

  • Sounds like fun!! Here’s to 2013!

  • Definitely a productive year! 🙂

  • Just found your website through Threads… its great!

  • Cool! thanks for doing this board, I’m following it, I guess we (all who has posted here) are happy to be in pinterest 🙂

    Happy 2013! My best wishes for you!

  • Wow, its going to take some time looking through this board. Thanks for doing this!


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