The Red Wiggle Dress – From Gertie’s Book For Better Sewing

Hello everyone! My name is Milena, and this is my first post.. I’m very exited and sooo happy to meet you all..! Been meaning to introduce myself for a while now, but wanted to wait for something special.. I think this is it..:)

Gertie (aka Gretchen Hirsch from The Blog For Better Sewing) unknowingly played a big role in my getting more serious into sewing and “out of the closet” blog-wise process. I adore her, love her blog and now the book too, so it’s only natural  that my first We Sew Retro post will be dedicated to one of her patterns.

Here is my first version of the Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing. I made this version to wear at our friend’s wedding in Paris, so it was upgraded into a  Joan Holloway number (in other words I changed the neckline into a portrait one).

You are welcome to my blog  for the full pattern review, more pictures and some of my thoughts on Gretchen’s  book.



Nice meeting you! Hope we’ll get to know each other better now.

Have a lovely sewing time, and .. don’t forget to Vogue!

yours dearly,

Milena (Milenushka) from The Home Blues.

• Meet the Author • Milenushka

I started sewing a few years back while working on my psychology thesis, and needing to do something fun and relaxing. I used to sew and draw as a little girl, and my grandmother was a master of hand work. So for me - sewing and designing was a bit like coming back home, to a long forgoten part of myself. I read all I could find on the subject, started collecting rare vintage books, patterns and old magazines in all the languages I can read, and then stumbled upon the lovely vintage sewing community and bloggers. There was a wibe there I liked, but at first I was too shy to comment. I also did not have a blog of my own, and commenting anonymously seemed a bit of a bad taste. When my blog was finally born this year, I felt a great relief and a sense of being on the right path. We will see where this road will take me.. Nice meeting you all! Drop me a line at Hugs

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  • Welcome Milena! So happy to have you onboard 🙂

    This turned out great – flattering fit and I love the color. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  • stunning color! great to see one of gertie’s patterns made up so successfully.

  • Great fit! I really like to try this dress as well!

  • Thank you all for the warm comments and welcome. The world apparently did not end today :), so I guess we’ll be in touch!

  • Very lovely dress and the perfect fit. I have the book and was planning to make this with a dropped neckline just like yours, so it’s nice to see how good it looks that way!

  • Gorgeous! The fit is wonderful.


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