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Simplicity 5954, 1965

Phew, finally have some time to post about this dress! I’s my first post, so far I’ve just been admiring everyone else’s efforts.

I made this few weeks ago now and have been wearing it a lot. I really love it! I made it from an old bed sheet – had to cut around some holes and snags in the fabric.

It’s a pretty simple pattern, with just six main pieces to put together, plus some interfacing. I had a long delay making it as I realised the fabric is quite light and was concerned it may be see-through. I was fretting about having to make a lining, something I’ve never done, and put the whole thing aside for several weeks while I thought about it. A chat with a more experienced dress maker put things in perspective and I decided to keep going with it sans lining. I’m glad I did as it turned out not to be see-through at all. Yes!

I did have some trouble with the fit, and had to take it in at the sides, but I think the pattern is a size too big for me. It is still a bit big overall – a looser fit than I imagined – but I don’t mind too much. It will be lovely and cool for the summer.

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