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Simplicity 3107, why do I keep making this dress??

December 17, 2012

This is the latest dress I’ve completed just in time for our Mad Men Inspired Cocktail birthday party/house warming on the weekend just gone. ¬†Here’s the complete outfit, please excuse the hat styling, just trying it out in order to disguise some wild hair!

I had some dramas in the making of this outfit, including a midnight ironing melt down, which you can read about if you really want to, here.

Despite this being the second time around with this pattern, I did not make any adjustments, though I have a feeling that the back is a little long for me, I am of two minds about how this style bodice is intended to fit, it feels like there is a lot of fabric there, and I think if I ever make it again I may experiment with taking it in a touch under the arms.

All in all, I love the dress, it is very much a party number, and I am embracing the full skirt and petticoat look, it really is fun, and I’m glad it’s hanging in my wardrobe, all ready to go. ¬†Though I think I’ll wait til winter, we have high humidity in Auckland at the moment and this is somewhat stifling to wander about in!

More photos over on my blog…


  1. It’s a really cool dress – I would keep making it, too! Love your color choice.

    I think you’re absolutely right, both that the bodice is too long (back AND front), and that the fabric is letting you down. Satins in hard-to-press synthetics show EVERY flaw and can be so frustrating when there is no iron setting between Not Getting Flat and Starting To Melt. The slight stretch you mention would also be something I’d avoid, because the pattern predates slightly stretchy satins, and they behave differently than the pattern makers intended, including adding to the can’t-be-pressed issue.

    All that said, the overall effect is beautiful and I applaud your perseverence in beating a frustrating fabric into submission!

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