Sew 40s Ruffled Scarf Dickie reworked from Vintage Paisley Satin Foulard

What to do with a vintage St Michael satin foulard in a divine paisley in rich tones of turquoise, taupe and lapis which sadly has several areas of perfume staining to the centre?  Plus, could I turn it into a longer style scarf as I must admit I don’t tend to wear square scarves these days?  I loved the colours and textile of this scarf, and fancied trying to make a ruffled scarf, so yesterday evening out came the scissors, the rule and some narrow elastic.  I wanted to make a 40s inspired ruffled scarf (a bit in the manner of the ruffled dickies of the time) to wear with my latest purchase of a fab vintage style faux fur jacket.  This was a very speedy sewing project and really pleased with how it turned out.  Looking forward to wearing it later today!  Please visit me at my blog for instructions on how to make this.

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  • Very pretty. I can’t find a link to your blog for the instructions.

    • Hi, glad you like the ruffle scarf. If you click in the “This post was written by” box, there is a link to my blog with some more info on size of strips I cut, how I stitched up, etc. Thanks, K.

  • Amour foulards vintage. Je les ai portés à bien des égards et de trouver que le port des foulards a plus d’effet. Cependant, vous ne devez obtenir la copie parfaite de le faire. Si je suis assez mince en été je peux les porter comme des sommets en attachant au sommet, puis tour à l’arrière. On dirait bien. Je reçois aussi des foulards encadrées et les mettre sur mon mur. Je ne comprenais pas comment faire cela mais quand j’ai acheté des foulards de ils m’ont donné des conseils sur la façon de le faire et ce que je devais dire à l’encadreur. Avec une lumière photo ci-dessus, ils look étonnant.


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