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My “Screw Bra Shopping” Bra

December 8, 2012

I’ve been drooling over Mrs. Depew’s “Sexy Ladies” patterns for a while now, and when my last store-bought bra finally met its demise just in time for “Black Friday”, I knew it was a sign to pick up Mrs. Depew’s 1940’s French Bra Pattern #2014 during her after Thanksgiving sale.   

From the moment I printed out this pattern, I was giddy with excitement to make it!  I’m always nervous to cut into my really nice fabrics when making a new pattern, so I decided to make it out of a lavender cotton that was hanging out in my stash.  I added lace on the upper cup to sexy up the cotton and did a three-button closure on the back.  The buttons are actually light pink, but unless you’re looking closely at it (which the only one to be doing that will be the hubby!) you can’t really tell that they don’t match. I also added fusible interfacing on the front and back bands to give the bands more structure.

Sexy bra on the not-so-sexy kitchen counter
Three Button Back Closure

I did modify the pattern and added a third bust dart towards to center front in order to make the cup more fitting to me.  This is a great pattern and so easy to make!  Total sewing time was a little less than three hours (including making  two muslins).  Now to get out my satin material to make some more!

  1. It’s beautiful! How does it wear? Does it look bulky under a top? I made on a while back, and mine was, but I’d like to try again. This pattern is really pretty, and you did such a nice job with it. Love the lace and your button loops!

    1. This is such a comfortable bra- no underwire digging into the sides, no strap marks on the shoulders! And there’s no bulk. I found my old store-bought ones to have much more bulk underneath than this one. In fact, when I wore it the other day, my husband whispered to me (while we were out) if I had forgotten a “certain something under my shirt” because he couldn’t make out the strap line under my shirt and thought I had gone out of the house without a bra on! 🙂

  2. Yes thanks for sharing. Great job, considering it was a tester!
    I have one of Mrs. Depew’s bra patterns languishing in my pile of UFOs – I never got past sticking the pattern pieces toether. But 3 hours including muslinning – that’s inspiring! I’m interested to know how it wears too – especially as there’s no elastic at all for stretch?

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