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Highwaisted Trousers

December 3, 2012

Hello Sew Retro Community!

10 weeks ago I had a baby. I have lost most of my weight, but my body just isn’t the same and I barely fit into my vintage clothing. Also, with strictly breastfeeding – my vintage dresses are out since they are side or back zip. What did that mean for me? SEWING!

I decided to break out my FAVORITE Evadress.com pattern

I cheated and placed a zipper instead of the buttons. I would like to make a denim version with cute buttons next!

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  1. I love the brown ones! What fun pants! Compared to making a dress, do you feel pants are more difficult to make? They seem more complicated, especially the fitting part.

    1. Thanks! It’s actually a rust block/plaid pattern. The only pants I have made are these and very simple slacks. I imagine that a front zipper suit pant needs a ton of tailoring, hence upping the complications.

  2. I tried to make these Evadress trousers and failed miserably! Couldn’t get the weird low crotch to work in my favour and the legs were just enormous. The waist fitted beautifully though and I’m sure they are a lovely pattern, just couldn’t get them to agree with me!

  3. Awesome, I love high waisted trousers and skirts too, so flattering.

    Also, as a breastfeeding sewing mamma, I have found (with some practice) that I can breastfeed using a side zippered dress. I also had plans to whip up a few vintage dresses with invisible zippers installed in the front darts of a dress… however, I’m thinking I’m closer to finishing breastfeeding, than testing out a new pattern!

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