Flashy colors for a Lutterloh dress

There’s 2 months ago, it was my Engagement’s day.

5 dresses for Just 1.

I’ve tested a lot of fabric, style, and models, and always I was disappointed because I thought it was not the real One.

And now I’ve 2 dresses in my closet which are waiting to go out…

This one is flashy one !

Italian fabric and a lot of colors.

I’ve sewed a scarf to wear if the weather is more cold….

I’m waiting now for summer time to enjoy it !!!

• Meet the Author • Bellis Winter

I'm Bellis Winter, always lost in fabrics and colors. I love 40's and 50's, it's so important to be "myself" in clothes to feel better, to be feminine. Sewing all the time, sometimes knitting... I'm french girl who live in the south but love the north

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13 comments… add one

  • That fabric is the best thing ever! Amazing!

    • It’s an Italian fabric, it makes me crazy !!!

  • Love the fabric and those shoes!!! Those are fantastic!

  • Beautiful dress! The scarf is a clever idea too.
    I also have shoe envy :-)

  • What gorgeous fabric and I love the whole outfit!

    • Thanks a lot, yes the colors are very beautiful

  • That fabric is absolutely gorgeous! What kind of fabric is it (besides Italian :P ) ?

    • it’s a cotton, it’s very slim (sorry I don’t know the word …) so it’s necessary a petticoat.

  • It’s such a beautiful dress! Can you tell me where I can find this pattern?

    • it’s a Lutterloh pattern so it’s necessary to have the 1954’S book to have the pattern and I’ve made some personal things on it.

      Thanks a lot

  • Great shoes to fit that beautiful dress !

  • Oh my gosh, that fabric is gorgeous!!! I saw it, did a double take, scrolled down, and had to scroll up to look at it some more. It’s one of those rare items in life that just makes me feel happy for no apparent reason! Just love it. :)


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