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7th (vintage pattern) heaven

December 31, 2012
pattern heaven
pattern heaven

Am “vacationing” at my favorite, veddy exclusive B&B – home of dear friends K & G.  Their house is better than a museum or antique store, because there are so many collections of things I love, like vintage patterns, fabrics, and laces.  G has his man cave to go to, where all his antique trucks get worked on, so K & I are free to indulge ourselves, guilty-free.

Here’s one of her cute vintage cloths…

sewing machine embroidered cloth
sewing machine embroidered cloth

Happy New Year, all!!

  1. It’s always such Fun to Visit anyone who has Decor we Adore and be Inspired by their Styling and/or Collections! Thanks for stopping by for the New Year! BTW: Did you Sell that Cool Towel Holder shaped like an Acrobat? That was one of the most Unique pieces I had seen in a long time and when I Posted the Image folks just Loved it!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

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