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7th (vintage pattern) heaven

pattern heaven

pattern heaven

Am “vacationing” at my favorite, veddy exclusive B&B – home of dear friends K & G.  Their house is better than a museum or antique store, because there are so many collections of things I love, like vintage patterns, fabrics, and laces.  G has his man cave to go to, where all his antique trucks get worked on, so K & I are free to indulge ourselves, guilty-free.

Here’s one of her cute vintage cloths…

sewing machine embroidered cloth

sewing machine embroidered cloth

Happy New Year, all!!

About the author: D’ellis is a lover of Art Nouveau, 1930s style, dark chocolate, books by D.E. Stevenson, rayon fabric, Commissario Montalbano, patterns, & fabrics in fall colours who has finally started her own sewing blog!

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  • Dawn... The Bohemian January 3, 2013, 2:49 pm

    It’s always such Fun to Visit anyone who has Decor we Adore and be Inspired by their Styling and/or Collections! Thanks for stopping by for the New Year! BTW: Did you Sell that Cool Towel Holder shaped like an Acrobat? That was one of the most Unique pieces I had seen in a long time and when I Posted the Image folks just Loved it!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

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