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Visit to a working shirt factory

November 29, 2012

Hi We Sewists,
I was very lucky to be able to visit a still-working shirt factory in the middle of Melbourne city this week.
The fabric stashes! The building! The stock!

The everyday fabric cutter, weights and fabric on the cutting table
The everyday fabric cutter, weights and fabric on the cutting table

Established in the early 1950s, the business moved into its current premises in 1958… so as you can imagine, there is a lot of fabric…

Rolls upon rolls upon rolls of fabric

If you’d like to see more pictures, I’ve written up a post at my blog,  Crimson Gardenia.

  1. This was fascinating just had to click over to your site to see everything.
    Thank you sooo much!
    Vintage Liberty & so many other prints… bow ties… shirt sleeves & matching curtains… he-he!
    Please do let us see what you purchase!

  2. Looks like a great tour! Have to put the Phillips shirt shop on my “to see” list when I get to visit Melbourne again one day. Last time, I had a little book called “Hidden Melbourne” which helped me find some interesting places.

  3. It was pretty cool – I loved the fact that inspite of almost all of our manufacturing now disappearing overseas that these guys are still there, doing what they do.
    I will definitely update with any purchases made… and I must admit, my favourite was the shirt with the sleeves that matched the curtains… and the girl in the store was wearing a dress made out of the same fabric. Too cute. 🙂

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