Vintage gloves?

Hi there!

I’ve tried several times to make me a pair of gloves using vintage glove patterns but everytime they end up in the wastebin. I jjust cannot make gloves… Around the knuckles just above the palm I measure 8.5″ so finding vintage ones is almost impossible. Is there someone who CAN sew gloves (for me)?


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  • I know that I’ve seen a few tutorials for making gloves by tracing your hands on DeviantArt. I don’t have any links readily available and I’m a bit rushed for time so I can’t find them (sorry!), but if nobody has a better idea I’d suggest looking there.

  • Hello! I would either ask help in fitting and sewing the glove you make on WeSewRetro or go to Etsy (… On Etsy, you might find a seller that sew gloves or have some in your size…

    But your best bet would be to enter an Alchemy Request : Etsy has close its Alchemy feature, but you can send a request to an Alchemy Team of your choice to sew you a pair of glove in you size.

    Then team members would reply with proposals and you can select one! Here’s a list of Alchemy Teams :

    I did this when I wanted a vinyl stickers decals Alphabet for my kids that would work in both French and English. (A might be for Apple in English but in French it’s Pomme!!) Anyway, I had several proposals and selected one and that seller was very creative and helped make my mural happen!

    I was really please! Maybe you could too?!? Good luck!

  • Have you considered photocopying the pattern at 110% setting (or whatever math work comparing your finished glove failure measurments to you actual han measurements)?

  • I also wear a size 9 glove. Newer patterns include size 9, but you can reach those proportions by photocopying at 110-120% and see how you do. There are many online tutorials for gloves.


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