Vintage Fabric Advice – what to make?


I have been given the fabric above. Believe its 60s or 70s (thanks Mrs Bee for that identification).

Now it looks like I have about 2 metres and a bit but it seems quite narrow (I’ll measure it properly tonight).

I’d like to make something from the era it came from to wear. Can anyone suggest what I could do. A skirt or a short shift dress sprung to mind. But would something like a blouse or a waistcoat work? Its not lightweight and I have no idea of the fabric content. But it drapes ok. I wonder if its a blend?

Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

Late addition: Measured it its 35inches wide but I have about 3 metres of it. So maybe enough for a dress?


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  • what lovely fabric – very summery! I’d be inclined to go for a cute little summer dress with a tightly gathered skirt, but I’m a dress-a-holic 😀
    look forward to seeing what you create xxx

    • I’ve yet to make a vintage (as opposed to regency) dress. I’m a skirt a holic. lol!

  • Lovely! If it’s narrow then maybe you will have enough just for a skirt? Or.. you could make a vanity case? Can’t wait to see the outcome… x

    • looks like its 35″ wide and 3 metres in length. Don’t know if I alter existing pattern to not be cut on the fold it might work for a dress.

  • My quick and dirty trick for making a dress is to cut the bodice pieces, even up the edges and divide the fabric that is left into two rectangles. I then pleat or gather them to the bodice for a fullish skirt look.
    You should have enough for a shift dress, though which would look amazing and be easy to accessorize with belts and jewelry. Some shift dress patterns have a second color as sleeve and hem bands which would be a way to stretch this fabric!

  • I think a shift would be great!

  • I have a really cute dress at work in a very similar fabric that I made for Cloudstreet (an epic Aussie play set in the 40’s-70’s), I can’t find the pattern though.
    It’s a straight shift, with some gathering around the neck & I bound the neckline, armhole & hem in a contrast fabric.
    The fabric was a mid weight cotton & it look fab.
    If I can find the pattern I’ll post it to the Pinterest board.


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