Thanksgiving 50s Style

I hope all of you in the States had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! I did! Now, I’m not too excited about Christmas stuff out and about around Halloween, but I do start to get in the mood around Thanksgiving and I did rock a Christmas vibe this year for turkey day!

I used Butterick 8078 to make up this pattern. I found this great 50s looking Christmas quilting fabric at JoAnn Fabrics last year so I snapped some up. (And I think I may have spied it there this year too!)

The pattern.


The white top felt a bit blah so I added a bit of red embroidery to spice it up. And I used a thrifted vintage belt kit to make the matching belt.

And what full skirted 50s dress would be complete without a crinoline? (Which is also me-made!) Want to see more of this dress? It’s on my blog too!

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I'm a 20 something Chemistry professor who loves the fashions of the 30s, 40s and 50s. I'm also completely obsessed with Downton Abbey. Aside from sewing, I also love to knit, scrapbook and read.

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  • Super cute shirtwaist dress in a holiday fabric! I thought they were separates at first. Did you choose the white top fabric because you didn’t have enough of the Xmas quilting fabric for the whole dress? The red embroidery up through the collar works well to compliment the skirt!

    • Yes, I did do the separates look because I didn’t have enough fabric. Originally, I bought the Xmas fabric planning on doing a blouse with it but I changed my mind.

  • Love that dress!!! I also thought they were separated, you did a great job! I have that patttern but I haven’t done it.

  • OOh I really like it! What a great way to use a novelty fabric without going over the top! I love how wearable it is. The red embroidery is a great touch too! You look super cute!

  • The frothy petticoat looks really lovely underneath, that is a great pic!


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