Sometimes we knit retro, too

Here are two 1950s patterns I’ve knitted up this year: the droplet bolero and the bias-knit sweater.

The bolero was knitted using a re-issued version of the original pattern which had been graded into multiple sizes: normally I would just have knitted the single original size, but here I actually had the luxury of taking it down a size to fit me better.

The droplet pattern is basically a variation on a standard bobble pattern: you cast on five stitches at once at the base of the bobble, then gradually decrease the extras over several rows as you go up to produce a teardrop shape rather than a round one. The front and back have a zigzag droplet yoke – the sleeves have a straight strip of droplets all the way to the cuff.

The last rose of summer

The bias-knit sweater was knitted from a scan of the original pattern: see The Vintage Pattern Files. I didn’t alter the pattern, but I did change the colour scheme quite a few times! If I’d had more wool, I shouldn’t have used quite so many colours… but in fact, the end result was actually an improvement.

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  • I want that bolero right now!

    The bias knit sweater turned out great, too. Your styling makes me think of the 1930’s, sort of Bonnie and Clyde. Super chic!

    I have specifically chosen to NOT learn how to knit because if I did, I’d never leave the house. Nice work!

  • Love them both!

  • Hello knitting envy!!! Those two pieces are amazing. The bolero is super versatile and the chevron sweater just makes me drool. Great work.

  • Fabulous knitting!
    BTW, has anyone ever told you that you look like Susan Sarandon’s younger sister?
    Uncanny resemblance.

  • Ooh I like them both! Especially the bolero. What an amazing job!

  • Gorgeous knits, love them both!

  • I love the zigzag yoke on the bolero. Was the wool dyed or natural? I’m very fond of that shade of brown.

    • The bolero is actually green 🙂 for some greener pictures…
      It’s a sort of khaki coloured acrylic that photographs very differently under different lights.

  • These are so lovely! One of my goals is to knit a sweater, so far I’ve only gotten as far as a scarf. Im always envious when I see a gorgeous sweater that someone has knit. Great job!!


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