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A Plaid Peony

November 3, 2012

I recently finished Colette’s Peony and I love the vintage vibe this dress has.

I always love it when I put on a dress and my husband says. “Where you going to wear that?”  I say, “Work, why? Is it not work attire?” He says, “Well yeah, you just looked like you stepped out of the 50’s though.”  Mission accomplished!

I added a peter pan collar to this which probably adds to the 50’ish vibe.  I used Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing to draft my own.  Gertie’s book is just awesome!  Get it if you haven’t already!  Check out all the dress details and more pictures on my blog.

  1. Your dress is charming and you did a pretty nice job of matching the plaid. I think the peter pan collar was brilliant! Wear it with pride. (I’m old enough to remember the 1950s, and I say, “Good Work!”)

  2. Your collar drafting was very successful! The back has an especially nice curve which can be tricky. You’re reminding me that I bought some beautiful wools awhile back with the idea of warm, stylish, ’50s-ish dresses…thanks for a bit of inspiration!

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