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Butterick 3067

October 30, 2012

This Butterick Pattern from the late 60s was to be my ‘Back-to-School’ outfit. As you can tell, I’m a little late for that. I did get the blouse done in time for Halloween, however.

I omitted the pointy sleeves but kept the pointy collar. I have not started the jumper as I am afraid I will look like a sausage!  I thought it would look just lovely for Halloween with my retro suit from the thrift store.  I have some other thrifty finds on my blog if you would care to check it out.  Happy Halloween.





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  1. Haha Your Halloween costume is pretty scary, er, I mean, funny!
    The neckline and collar on your blouse is one of my favorites. It is a flattering shape and style for me (full-busted, ok, I’ll say it, matronly), but I like it on all figures. Do make the jumper! I don’t think you will look like a sausage, especially if you make it in a balanced plaid and cut it on the bias. Nothing beats bias cutting for flattering fit, IMHO.

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