The Brady Bunch Dress





Growing up I used to come home from school , grab a snack, and flip the TV to channel 11 to watch reruns of my my favorite TV family.
This dress was my homage to a childhood pastime!
Justine from Sew Country Chick.

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  • That pattern you used is pretty darn cute! And the dress turned out great!

  • That dress is so darned cute and so is the little model. Perfect!

  • How adorable! What a great little model and dress! Great job!

  • Cute, and the cut is perfect! Love the model, as well! If you make this again, you should try the view with the cowl neck. So chic! I’m a big fan of the Brady Bunch, too. I would totally live in that house with the floating staircase.

  • Also, that zipper installation is perfect. Zippers are my Achilles heel! Well done!


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